CCF Ashton Under Lyne- State of the Art Tannoy System


CCF Ashton Under Lyne


CCF Ashton Under Lyne-, part of The Travis Perkins Group, has employed AP Mitchell Fire & Security to install a state-of-the-art Tannoy system. This system is designed for remote monitoring of the site during out-of-hours periods. It is integrated with a high-tech CCTV system and is monitored by Travis Perkins' own monitoring station. This collaboration ensures enhanced security and surveillance, leveraging advanced technology to maintain safety and oversight of the premises.

The monitoring station will be able to immediately tannoy any would be intruders and trespassers to warn them to leave the site immediately. The Operator will also be able to watch the intruders through a live transmission using the high tech Hik Vision IP CCTV System that was recently installed by AP Mitchell Fire & Security.

John Ayre, Head of AP Mitchell Fire & Security said that the advances in technology now available to our clients allows the Operators to remotely monitor the sites out of hours, and to be able to broadcast live tannoy warnings to anyone trying to break in to the protected site.

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