Weston Junior Academy - Peak Building Consultants


Weston Coyney, ST3 6NG


Electrical services

Project cost: £330,000

AP Mitchell were appointed by Peak Building Consultants to undertake major engineering works at Weston Junior Academy in late 2022. 

We were responsible for the supply and installation of a number of key plant items, and the surrounding heating distribution pipework and heat emitters throughout the Academy. This included:

  • Hot Water Cylinder – Installed 1 No. Heatrae Sadia Megaflow Eco 250L unvented direct fed hot
    water cylinder complete with 3 No. 3kW immersion heaters, serving the toilets and cleaner sink.
  • Pumps – New pumps were installed at 4 zones within the boiler room.
    1 No. Grundfos Magna3 D32/40-180 pumpset to act as the HWS primary pumpset installed within
    the flow circuit.
    2 No. Grundfos Magna 3D 32-100F pumpsets installed within Zones A&B heating flow circuit.
    1 No. Grundfos Magna 3D 32-80F pumpset installed within Zone C heating flow circuit.
  • Pressurisation Unit – Installed 1 No. Flamco Digifiller wall mounted pressurisation unit.
  • Expansion Vessel – Installed 1 No. Flamco 100L floor standing expansion vessel.
  • Dosing – Installed 13.5L Fabricated Products Dosing Pot complete with 16L BOSS premium
    corrosion protection fluid.
  • Air and Dirt – Installed 1 No. Fabricated Products Magvent MAGCVAD Air & Dirt Separator.
  • Side Stream Filter – Installed 1 No. 5L Flamco SideFlow Clean side stream filter.
  • Radiators – Installed new Stelrad radiators and pressed steel panel radiators.
  • LTHW Distribution Pipework – New distribution pipework was installed, complete with valves,
    brackets and expansion bellows. Existing vertical Low Loss Header was retained. New 100
    secondary flow & return headers were installed within G47 Boiler Room. Heating pipework was
    split into 3 Zones. Each HTG circuit was completed with a Belimo 3-port mixing valve.
    Zone A: 40ø HTG flow & return serving Main Hall, Sen Classroom and Reception offices.
    Zone B: 40ø HTG flow & return serving ground and first floor central classrooms.
    Zone C: 32ø HTG flow & return serving 2012 extension block.
  • Pipework was fabricated from stainless steel tubing with crimped fittings.
  • Gas Safety System – Installed new gas safety system comprising a S&S Northern control panel
    within the boiler room complete with CO and natural gas sensors. Solenoid shut off valve to boiler
    gas inlets was linked to the fire alarm.
  • Gas isolating valves were installed at the inlet to each of the existing boilers and linked to a gas
    emergency knock-off button located at the exit to the boiler room via electro-thermal links over
    each boiler.
  • Undertook a soundness test on the existing gas installation.

    Strainers –Strainer are fitted at the end of each pipework Zone return before the 100ø return
    header and existing Low Loss Header to protect the existing boilers.
  • Heating Controls - Installed a new Building Management System via Smart Control Systems Ltd
    complete with a Trend IQ4E. The plant controlled by the BMS is as follows: Gas Safety System
    panel, Gas solenoid valve, Flamco Pressurisation Unit, 4 No. LPHW Remeha Quinta Ace boilers, 3
    No. Grundfos Magna3D VT heating circuit pumpsets, 1 No. Grundfos Magna3D CT heating
    pumpset, existing HWS secondary pump and HWS MegaFlow Eco Direct Hot Water Cylinder.
  • Thermal Insulation - Installed thermal insulation on all new pipework, including rigid plastic
    cladding around headers and removable valve bags within plant room.

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