LJMU Max Perutz Building- Chiller and Carbon Pipework Replacement Project

PROJECT COST- £280,000

As per the job specification provided to AP Mitchell Group, and the subsequent tender submitted by AP Mitchell Group, the following installation works were undertaken at the Max Perutz Building at Liverpool John Moores University:

  • Chiller unit - Supplied and installed 1 No. new Trane Sintesis Advantage CGAF 110 SE XLN EC air-cooled scroll chiller within the second floor mezzanine within the Max Perutz Building. This air-cooled chiller was installed complete with an integral HDM VAR dual pump set, and 607L integral buffer tank.

This chiller utilises R454B as a refrigeration fluid, and water as the evaporation fluid.

  • Distribution pipework - Modifications were made to the existing pipework to accommodate the new chiller, and the existing carbon steel pipework was replaced with new malleable iron conduit.

The distribution pipework consists of 1 No. heating and 1 No. chilled circuits, serving the existing heating/cooler batteries throughout the building. Upon installation the distribution pipework was finished in red oxide paint.

  • Valves - Supplied and installed new isolation and commissioning valves throughout the heating and chiller circuits. These valves were sized to match the pipe diameter and relative flow rates serving each heating and chiller unit. Isolation ball valves were installed on both the flow and return legs serving each unit, and Albion Art commissioning sets were installed o n the bypass between the flow and return runs.

Valve schedules detailing the exact sizes of each valve installed are found towards the rear of this manual.

  • Pressurisation units - Supplied and installed 2 no. new Mikrofill 3 pressurisation units, complete with 25L expansion vessels.

1 No. pressurisation unit and expansion vessel was installed on the run around coil.

1 No. pressurisation unit and expansion vessel was installed on the chiller circuit, downstream of the new Trane air scroll chiller.

  • Thermal insulation - Supplied and installed thermal insulation on all new distribution pipework. Insulation was mineral rock wool finished with aluminium cladding.

  • Dosing - Upon completing the new pipework installations, the heating and chilled water circuits were dosed with 11L and 10L respectively of BOSS premium chemical corrosion inhibitor. The existing dosing pots were used to achieve this.

Heat meter - Supplied and installed 1 No. new Kamstrup Multical 630 heat meter to provide a means of temperature monitoring across the system.

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