Messrs HCS- Installation of a C-Tec conventional fire alarm system


Messrs HCS


Fire & security

In a collaborative effort aimed at fortifying safety measures within the industrial sector, AP Mitchell Fire & Security proudly announces the successful completion of the installation of a C-Tec conventional fire alarm system for its esteemed client, Messrs HCS. The integration of this advanced fire detection technology represents a significant milestone in enhancing safety protocols for HCS, a renowned specialist supplier of pumps, boilers, heaters, flue, and spares.

The installation of the C-Tec conventional fire alarm system equips HCS with state-of-the-art capabilities for early fire detection and rapid response. Designed to seamlessly integrate with HCS's existing infrastructure, the system provides comprehensive coverage across its facilities, ensuring enhanced safety across all critical areas.

The C-Tec system boasts intelligent sensors and detectors, offering real-time monitoring and early warning capabilities to mitigate potential fire incidents swiftly. With its user-friendly interface and intuitive controls, the system enables HCS personnel to manage fire safety protocols effectively, minimizing response times and maximizing safety outcomes.

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